“Her no-bullshit attitude is not for everyone, but is a beautiful breath of fresh air.”

Hey there, I’m Sarah.

More than a life coach or executive coach – I’m your cheerleader, your confidante and your co-conspirator. My goal is to inspire, not because of what I say, but because of the questions I ask within our courageous environment that allows you to discover your authentic self. We work on the science of being intelligently rebellious to get work done through:

  • Psychology: Understanding mindset and patterns

  • Science: Using data to guide your decisions

  • ‘Supernatural’: The possibility of the illogical

I’m a trained ORSC™ Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach from CRR Global, a certified practitioner in Lumina Spark® and Saville Wave™ Psychometric and Aptitude assessments with a BSc Hons in Human Psychology and Human Biology. I’ve been working in the adult training and coaching industry since 2005 having been in management positions in the UK prior to moving to Japan in 2001.

Creative and corporate, my coaching is particularly useful for anyone who is going through a change in career or challenges in their lives. I work with stories: how people tell them and how people live them and grow.

“I want you to have your best existence throughout life and work. To create a more truthful, honest and sustainable experience. That benefits you, your company or organization and the people that surround you.”

Consulting across Asia, Japan and the UK, I fully understand the politics and complexities of the corporate world and can help you through it.


I love style. I’m intuitively searching for stylish people who do things differently and spark inspiration. From this passion, I started a clothing exchange, mega clothes swap in Tokyo, Japan, dedicated to recycling clothing and mindfully consuming.



Everybody has stories, I help them turn the bullshit ones around

Everything that happens today is a story for tomorrow

Not very good at playing politics, but I'm excellent at asking the right questions to coach in order to navigate it

Used to sing soprano in the British Embassy Choir in Tokyo



People who are on top of their game in the corporate world and still have incredible, unique sense of style; the clever rebels

Business, hierarchies and complexity of corporations

How high performing executives motivate, lead and encourage themselves and others to produce results for the business



Great conversations. Ones where you feel like you expanded and went new places in your mind.

Having a really good laugh. I LOL regularly, not just online.

Life and rest. I really love rest. I do my email from bed in the morning. I often stay home all day (when I can).


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