Recent podcast with Jayne Nakata

My podcast with Jayne Nakata of Transformations with Jayne Nakata went live last week. It’s about 20 minutes shorter than the podcast length as there is a Japanese translation summary at the end of about 20 minutes (but the last 6 minutes is more English review that Jayne has added loads of value to). Go listen! Loads of gems and was such fun to record. 


 Jayne will also be speaking at our next clothes swap! Jayne will talk about building community and supporting community events; themes central to the swap. And she does all this from her home in Fukushima. Jayne has really carved a niche for herself in her community and in supporting other entrepreneurs in Tokyo and beyond. Here she interviews Sarah in a rich conversation about business, life, and incorporating social contribution into small business. You can read more about the Clothes Swaps here.

Sarah Furuyamedia