Mega Clothing Swap Recap - December 8, 2018

Winter swap was held December 8, 2018. The Facebook Event link is here. 138,000yen was raised for RFTC Japan.

Two speakers joined.

First up, Jayne Nakata recently interviewed Sarah about many things including the swap in great detail!

Jayne will talk about building community and supporting community events; themes central to the swap. And she does all this from her home in Fukushima. Jayne has really carved a niche for herself in her community and in supporting other entrepreneurs in Tokyo and beyond. Here she interviews Sarah in a rich conversation about business, life, and incorporating social contribution into small business.

Secondly, the Village Crazy Mama, Carmela Fleury will speak along the theme of Community. Carmela creates sacred receptacles for Mamas to take some time to themselves. She is a Yin Yoga Champ, a dancer, retreat hoster, surfer, life coach, and a bloody good laugh. If you have ever attended one of her workshops you will know that she creates magical community vibes wherever she goes.

I highly recommend a tour of her website and attending any of her events.
This time of year is that time when we are reminded of community and celebration.