Priorities: Devoted to Dates with Daddy

What are priorities and how do we work them into our own lives? You know, today I had one of those WAKE UP BARBARA moments. I’d given my parents STRICT INSTRUCTION. This is a working trip. So when my Dad came in and said “I know you’re busy, but do you want to come and see The Post with me this afternoon?” No, I said I have work to do. Then in an instant I thought WHAT THE HECK you’re going to prioritize a proposal over a date with your Dad?


So I prioritized – spent 2 hours reviewing a client’s job application, dealing with email and listing up remaining things to do. Then went to the cinema with Daddy. Post Office to see my Aunty at work and post a birthday card to a client that my mum made. And walked home in the rain looking at all the lovely houses overlooking the Irish Sea. The proposal can wait. The other email can wait. Date with Daddy – cannot wait. So tomorrow we hit up the Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool for a Mummy Daddy Aunty date.

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Sarah Furuya