FEW Career Strategies Seminar


What a thrill and delight to run a packed workshop on June 2nd for the FEW Career Strategies Seminar.

We looked at our timelines and what we want to take into the future and what we should release to make our journey less heavy and to sojourn with levity and strength. So many lovely faces, both old and new. My coaching clients join because they know that learning over and over again is essential to change and to things really taking and having some permanence. New people do this activity for the first time and learn so much about themselves both as to how they tell their stories and how other people see their stories.

And may I just highlight this venue DMM – incredible place. The corridors are filled with real plants and animated jungle animals and sounds. Innovation is inherent in the whole design of the place. Look at the gorgeous colours in this room. And the light – the natural light that permeates and in the corridors where these I no natural light, they make it darl, with animation on the walls – making the most of the absence of light. There were entire meeting rooms in Phillipe Stark chic.

I also delivered 5 mini coaching sessions to smart women who wanted to get down and dirty with their wishes and blocks in a very short space of time – was thrilling! One woman even noted that 15 minutes in our mini-coaching session was worth the ticket price!

And this is what I do what I do. There’s nothing more I like than taking problems and turning them around or questioning old stories or creating more levity or following what makes you feel good or becoming “A sovereign adult who is totally in charge” (A quote by my friend, peer and fellow coach Max Daniels – you should check her out).


3 or 4 months sessions and by special request – 6 months packages are now opening until autumn. One spot has just been claimed by an existing clients – so there are 3 spaces remaining.

Sarah Furuya