Mega Clothing Swap Recap - June 23, 2018


Very happy to announce that our theme this month is all about making and repairng. In line with our theme of sustainability, reducing waste, and great quality, we have two fabulous speakers to join us. As we kick off the swap at 14:00, we invite entrepreneurs, small biz owners or influencers who share our swap values and have great stories as well as services we want to spread to talk about what they do and how they contribute to our community and how we can contribute to them.

Two very special guests at our next swap- More details on FB event above! Come join us, just click going. Not on Facebook? Email to get on the list.

FIRST – Tokyo’s premier international tailor (who made my stunning green silk ball gown, made to measure cushion covers and my friend’s wedding dress) Melanie Uematsu, a German fashion designer living in Tokyo. She not only tailors, repairs and alters, she also runs sewing classes to share with people, people the dying art of sewing and tailoring.

“Hi everyone, this is Melanie Uematsu. I opened my atelier in 2011 and have welcomed a wonderful international clientele of women and men from over 50 countries until now. We worked together on their individual ideas for garments, evening wear, bridal dresses, costumes and accessories. Please get in touch if you are interested to join my classes or would like your clothes tailor-made”.

Melanie has spoken at FEW on dressing for your body, on the fashion panel and also on small biz. Be sure to talk to her about what she can offer you.

SECOND we welcome all the way from Australia, Sara Koller! Sara is like a magical wizard of on-the-spot mending. For a small payment (watch this space – will be competitive with you local repair shop) you can get your stuff fixed on the spot at the swap – so to be sure to bring any little bits and pieces you just haven’t been bothered to take around to the reform place yet!



Sara’s Mending Service – roving with a cheerful and environmentally conscious approach to mending tears, sewing on buttons, and running garment repairs.

Sara will be at the next Mega Clothes Swap to provide clothing repairs to those items you are bringing to swap, or taking away as part of your new wardrobe!
Dressed in an interactive Boro coat (BORO = Japanese for rags, patched clothing, highly regarded in field of textile art) constructed of patched vintage kimono textiles, and drawing on multicultural folk traditions of handcrafts and quilting, Sara carries/wears all the items necessary to maintain, care, salvage, repurpose and repair items of clothing on the spot. For a small fee of 500 yen, she will replace and sew on buttons, mend small tears, patch holes and give advice about future repairs to any garment you want to bring to her during the upcoming Mega Clothes Swap in Tokyo.

Travelling from Australia especially for this event, Sara represents the opposite side of today’s prevailing consumer society and offers the optimistic experience of intimacy, giving and to make repairs to garments that might otherwise be discarded.

HOW COOL IS THAT!?! I have goosebumps all over my body as I write this.

SMS – ****Sara’s Mending Service promotes positive social change through human connection and the values of sustainability****. Every person who interacts with SMS will walk away repaired!


Sarah Furuya