"Thank You" from Mega Swaps & RIJ

Hello everyone and thank you for coming to our Mega Clothes Swap on Saturday. It was our biggest swap to date and we raised 110,000 for RIJ Refugees International Japan. I had dinner with the President earlier in the week and handed over the cash and she gave me some of the stories from the projects that RIJ supports from here in Japan. Our donation will be going directly to these projects. Although the USA has been in the news recently for the refugees at their border, there are always people seeking refuge and safety from dangerous situations around the Globe. We are people of action, so here is a couple of stories collected from the Myanmar border projects. Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated and let’s never forget how lucky we are and how fragile safety and freedom is. You’re the best.

Thanks again to our lovely speakers and artisans who donated their time and skills to our swap. The lovely Sara and Melanie. Go like their pages and write about them.

Thank you as always to Amy, Chad, Heather and all the Oakwood staff for their generosity and fabulous hosting and for donating the venue.

Thank you to H&M for taking the clothes away to their recycling partner.

I will attach the message from RIJ( Refugees International Japan)

Dear Swappers,

Thank you again from RIJ for your generous donation from the Clothes Swap.

¥110,000 will make a recognisable impact in the refugee communities we support.

For example:

¥1,500 provides one baby kit to a new mother in Karen state Myanmar

¥3,000 covers the provision of books for a Syrian child attending kindergarten in Lebanon

¥10,000 covers the cost of attending literacy and numeracy classes for a refugee in Nairobi as they prepare to set up business

I am attaching three stories from these projects to illustrate the impact of RIJ funding. In selecting projects to fund, we always ask “what next?”. The beneficiaries go on to build a stronger future, providing for their families and giving back to the community – even the kindergarten children will one day! There is no need for refugees to be a burden on communities – the majority want the opportunity to provide for themselves.

If you would like more information on our work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks

Kind regards


Sarah Furuya