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Sarah Furuya Coaching introduces…

FNJ  is heading into its 3rd amazing year.  A 12-month coaching programme. 1:1. You and me. Let’s reset the year, walk through the year together, and step over the threshold of the 2020 with a year of coaching work and inquiry driving you. It’ll be so sweet. Imagine investing in yourself now and this time next year being clear, confident and motivated and STILL having another month of coaching support for your New Year Goals. YES. Every time I have invested in the support and work I need to support myself and my business, I have experienced growth, joy and transformation. AND it was tough without. Last year I made  a huge investment in myself  to ‘sharpen the coaching saw’ and it was beyond worth it (and you will benefit from my knowledge this coming year).  All the information below…READ ON

Curious? email info@sarahfuruya.com now to get involved.

Registration is OPEN and Early Bird closes January 25th

registration closes January 31st

We kick off with first coaching sessions in February and I am strictly limiting the numbers. I am genuinely excited.

Now to be totally transparent – I am only opening 20 spots for this programme and 13 have already been claimed by last year’s one-year clients as well as other current clients and collaborators.

Also I have raised my prices this year across the board – FNJ  will remain the most reasonable way to work with me! I’m opening 4 month programmes in Spring and Autumn but am limiting intake this year so I can focus on other projects including a video project! Watch this space! All the information is below. If you are interested, email us at info@sarahfuruya.com and we can start a conversation or click here to book a 30 minute no obligation free discovery call.


FNJ19 – WILD BOAR SCRUM (working title – gets rugby and inoshishi in)!

  • 12 hours of coaching sessions

  • Membership (optional) to Secret Facebook Group for FNJ19 (where I will coach and ask questions and moderate discussion)

  • Membership (optional) to other client groups that I set up

  • Monthly check-ins and accountability

  • Pairings (optional) If I see a pairing that could be supportive around the FNJ content, I will suggest it!

  • Monthly video/audio calls to support content

  • 3 hours with Laura – admin support when you need it

  • Invitation, as guests of honour to the opening and closing ‘Kindred Spirits’ party February 3rd, 2019 Sunday afternoon at Apero (Save the date!!!)

  • Treats and gifts as usual!

  • Special offers on ALL other offerings for example the retreats I am planning next year, you will get first refusal and mega-discounts

  • I have it in my heart to do a special retreat just for FNJ so that will also be YOU FIRST! (If I were to run a kindred spirits retreat, what would you like? What would give you the greatest relief and delight?)

  • Other things that I haven’t imagined yet

I am capping at 20 this year. As soon as we hit 20 we are closing the doors. I am opening shorter-term coaching packages on limited intake- this year will see opening of couples coaching also. All prices are changing!  You can get single sessions, if you have a quick-fix issue, at ¥30,000 per hour.

Sarah Furuya