I Miss You...

I miss you

But I don’t miss Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.


I’m not sure I’ll ever come back and that is a bit bonkers. How will I run my business?

How will I remain relevant?

How will I communicate and share photos?

How will I be connected to my broader network?

How will I find out about events that I might wish to attend?

How will I know what you have done?

I don’t know. But I do know this.

I do not want to get back into the #scrollhole, the #shamespiral or the #obligationpit



And darlings for those of you who can carefully limit your time on social media and who have carefully put together a facebook feed that is impeccably managed and has permissions and groups and best friends and friends and acquaintances and runs like a well-oiled machine - bravo; you do not display addictive behaviour to SNS. You are not addicted. I envy you. And I’m inspired and will seek you advice and counsel once I jump back into the delicious foray because I do LOVE IT. But until I get that little witchy feeling that says ‘It’s time darling Sarah, jump back in - you’ve got this’. I’m staying away because…

I love this peace I am feeling. Can you imagine how much brain space, emotional space, energetic space, psychic space and good to honest tick-tock-goes-the-clock time I am opening up?

How many more posts I am writing and people I am calling and meals I am cooking and dishes I am washing and tasks I am completing? I’ll tell you. Blooming loads.

I love being in my life. My real actual life.

Going to the beach, hanging at the sea.

Taking photos for my memories, not for my Facebook memories.

No noticing how many lies I have or responding to comments.

Sitting around the table with my beloveds, clients or family, sharing food.

Making food.

Taking photos and sending them to each other.

Being completely present and not posting on Facebook and Instagram in between activity. In the toilet in the restaurant. Not scrolling or getting into comments when I’m in company and there’s a lull in conversation.

No sudden mood changes based on being triggered by oh. Things.

No knee-jerk messages.

I see the news once, on my chosen news source.

No thoughts and prayers.

I miss not being up to date on people’s news; births, deaths, birthdays, announcements, but I do have people who can fill me in on those things. And forgive me if I miss yours.

I love you.




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I quite like myself - I hope you do too. I’m alright me. You are magnificent.

I quite like myself - I hope you do too. I’m alright me. You are magnificent.

Sarah Furuya