ANNOUNCING LEGENDS Interview Series...It's HERE!

My Darlings!





A project that is so close to my heart! It’s been years in the making and when I say years - here is a diary entry, I found at the weekend, in my journal from 2013.

6 years in the making. Evolved from the Wonderful Women of Tokyo to LEGENDS.

6 years in the making. Evolved from the Wonderful Women of Tokyo to LEGENDS.

6 YEARS IN THE MAKING! And by the making - I mean talking about it, doing nothing, nearly starting, not starting, starting then cancelling, avoiding it, questioning it, messaging over and over about it. Then finally - DOING IT. Ahhh timing.

That is some swift manifesting. Some quick gathering. Some speedy project management.

Well it is in terms of the age of the earth and space - can you imagine for one minute what might be in the wings, something you jotted down on a piece of paper in some forgotten journal, waiting to be birthed? Incredible. What has already been birthed, like this project I am doing, that you had already planned without even consciously realising it? OOOOh what scandalous thing will you write on a piece of paper or in a journal right now that you would love to do and that seems big, bold and beautiful. I can remember my English teacher Mrs Strachan saying to me after my seminal (ahem) performance as Glenda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz “You really should work with your voice in the future - you have a strong presence…” I was like “Yeah - no worries Ms S - I got this, I plan to be a priest”. Vatican. Hold my beer.

Interestingly, her brother was a priest and he was the celebrant at my Nan’s funeral!” What a lovely connection. I digress. Storytelling.

And drum roll please…………….

Legends Video Series…watch this space!

Legends Video Series…watch this space!

Here I am in conversation with the beloved…


You’ll find out soon…
August 18th the first interview will be released.
I’m feeling my chat show host OATS.

This story is just too good to miss - so full of the good stuff it is - there’s going to be a part 1 and a part 2 and will be launched soon. Get on my newslsetter to be first to know when each conversation is released!

This is just the beginning of a hugely ambitious and rich, full, frank conversations project with a professional videographer, a podcast in the future and Legends whose stories I want to tell and are doing things differently. Clever Rebels, Curious people who bring service and love and excellence to the world. YET may not be so famous that they will be on the cover of Time. Yet. The backbones at the start of this project are:

There are many ways to lead a life

Everybody has stories and I want to hear yours and tell theirs

Create a work style and a lifestyle you can be proud of

I am committed to supporting you to create a work style and lifestyle you can be proud of and these stories, these myths and legends weave tales of joy and adversity and love and resilience and practical, logical, creative, mental and magical victories and challenges. Business and small business. Corporate and Entrepreneur. Professional Parenting and Professional Educating.It’s fascinating stuff.

Let’s get into it!

Create something great,

Sarah Furuya