More Present to it ALL

Aaahhhhnd relax

How did Luke Skywalker know what Darth Vader had got him for Christmas?*

Day 2

Wake at Dawn

Sleep until 7:30

Listen to the waves lap the shore

Interview for the SF Legends Interview Series

Have a coaching session

Pick up kid from school

Open the Virtual Writer’s Salon for my clients

Tell them I will be swimming and please can they do the check-out

Spend hours in the sea with the kid scooting around on the Unicorn

Sea a stingray in the shallows

Dinner together


Fall asleep early

Wake up

Hot bath

Go to bed before midnight

Writer’s salon goal achievement in process

Writer’s salon goal achievement in process

The silencing of the external chatter is almost immediate. Instead of scrolling - I’m writing. Instead of scrolling between clients or tasks, I’m sitting quietly, or watching a quick YouTube clip, or doing the dishes or making a snack or a cuppa, or wiping down the table. And for those of you who just had a frisson of AHHHHHHH GOTCHA - still on the socials with your Youtube! You are doing your self-designed break wrong; congratulations you are right. I am a garbage person.

I’ve also noticed, now almost 4 weeks in that there are some aspects of adulting that I am doing far more effectively at home. Most notably - I have a lot of ice. I am remembering to refill my ice making machine that is built into my fridge. My MO is to continually forget, run out of ice and be scooping around for skanky chips at the back of the ice maker. Now not only is my ice machine brimming with crystal nuggets of coolness, it’s also clean. And it is incredibly satisfying to dig my scoop deep into the frozen diamond mountain.

Day 3

Amazing night’s sleep

Wake at dawn

Up at 7:30

8:30 Run a group coaching call for my one-year coaching members

Wash dishes

Jump in sea

Client at 10:30

Spend day with BFF shadowing her at work

Go to Kamakura - take photos; nowhere to post them - they are just for me

Lunch in Kamakura enjoy the view with friend

Feel like should be posting updates about Kamakura

Notice I’m doing that


Enjoy friend’s company

No scrolling so just sit with her talking or not

Drive around coast to Enoshima

Early, so stop into shopping area where Bill’s is

Take no photos of anything - just enjoy mooching around the goods

Go to Enoshima

Take selfies together

Post them nowhere

Back home - stop in Zushi to do shopping

Buy food

I cook

We eat together at the table with the food I cook

I post about this nowhere (until now Nancy Drew)

We just hang out and eat

I hang out with myself, quietly

I can see clearly now…

I can see clearly now…

Day 4

Get up early and help tidy the flat

Listen to the sea and the rain

Decide not to swim and opt for a lift to my friend’s place up the road

Join friend

Sit in camp chairs looking out of the window of her newly purchased beach flat

Look at the horizon and watch the sea

Have a kampai and realise that we are living the dream

Embrace and smile and realise that it gets no better than this

No status to update - completely present

Take photos of the view to remember the occasion

Look at phone zero times

Talk deeply and frankly

Have lunch together

Talk to family

Come home late, feeling recharged, less hectic and genuinely connected

Sincere gratitude for good friends, deep friendship and telling the truth

Also for being fully present

Also for calmness and the horizon and the sea and building a life that supports and delights you

For analogue and lifts and great friendships that allow you to do you and allows them to do them

And joy

Living the flippin dream

Living the flippin dream

*He could feel his presence (sounds like presents)

I am on a complete social media break until the end of July. Keep in touch though through email, Whatsapp and Line. Also sign up for Sarah Furuya Coaching communications here.

Look - no phone!

Look - no phone!

Sarah Furuya