Mega Clothing Swap

Sustainable Shopping for the Women of Tokyo.

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“Waste is a resource in the wrong place”

Pull out your wardrobe and decides what stays and what goes. The Mega Clothing Swap is an opportunity to swap clothing with a cause.

At each swap, we have a special host and guest speakers. Plus the money collected from entrance fees and the clothing that is left over get donated to good causes.

So let's get together, have a glass of wine or two.

Bring & Take

Bring the goods we no longer want or need, and take the goods we love.

We have clothes rails and full-length mirrors and will have tables set up to lay the clothes on.

  • We recycle and repurpose.

  • All Shapes and Sizes welcome! The more diversity the better the swapping!

  • BRING as much or as little as you want.

  • TAKE as much or as little as you want.

  • Bring nothing, take nothing, just join to have fun.

We will have a recycle BIN for your old and damaged clothes - that’s right - those yellow armpits, moth-eaten or bobbly clothes we can now deal with thanks to our new partner. So go ahead and fill a bag named “Gomi” or "waste in the wrong place.”


Cost per person: ¥2,000 (Pay in advance) or ¥2,500 (Pay at the door) includes:

  • Two drinks

  • Charity Donation

  • Limited attendance (Up to 150 people max)

  • Official kid's corner

  • Men's clothing corner!

(We are still a women-only and lady-identifying event, but we've decided to open space for masculine wear.)

This is an adult event but if your kids absolutely must attend - bring them along. Signing up for the event must be done online at Peatix.

These events are posted on Sarah Furuya Coaching facebook page. Signup for our newsletter to receive announcements about the Mega Clothing Swap. This is proving to be a very popular event! You can also follow along here for updates about upcoming events. The next event will be June 8, 2019.

Let’s see how much we can keep out of landfill.