We promise to maintain a truthful, honest, trustworthy, safe environment to stimulate growth.

It is so easy for us to forget balance within ourselves. We firmly believe in taking care of three key areas when making decisions and confronting change: Science, Psychology, “Supernatural”   



Facts, figures, statistics, law, tax, visa, politics, rules, hierarchies, qualifications, time constraints, medical matters, language and regulations.

We focus on having a better, more truthful experience in life and work. We ensure you are considering fact, not opinion. We’ll help you take steps to manage your personal truths and in which areas you can be intelligently rebellious.



Mind, beliefs, values, stories, myths and our mental melodramas and programming that may hold us back and make us believe things that are not true and hamper our decisions. As a qualified practitioner in 3 psychometrics, we work within your communication preferences, and workplace competencies in a quantifiable way and explore these.

We call into question beliefs and stories that may not serve you well. This is perhaps the most exciting and interesting part of working with me. It’s where most breakthroughs happen.



Things you can’t explain, things that can’t be explained, luck, coincidence, synchronicity, beauty and when things start happening and you don’t know logically why.

We know sometimes there are no logical explanations. Which is why we include room to think outside of the box and explore what may help you towards your goals.