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More retreat information coming soon. In the meantime, upcoming events and workshops information including clothing swap information can be found here. Interested in collaborating with me for a workshop or retreat? Email me anytime.

Past Retreats

YoUrban Retreat

Sept 1st event is FULL.png

Let us love you and look after you.

Lindsey, Sarah and Maya invite 6 lucky people to a one-day Urban Retreat in the Setagaya ward of the 23.

yoURban Retreat

Sunday September 1st


Yoga, Coaching and Movement

A paradise in the city we have created this intimate, accessible retreat for a recharge, reset and to get into, energise and elevate your mind, body and spirit right in the heart of the 23 wards.

Interested? Email info@sarahfuruya.com to hold a space - and secure your spot;

***Sold out***

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Yogi, Coach, Mover

Yogi, Coach, Mover


Maya ileto

Maya is equal parts fun and serious - serious about her work to get people feeling at home in their bodies to create fluid, juicy movement, but fun because we need to move with joy and have a good laugh. She is legendary for her metaphors and for enabling her students to enjoy new movement through imagery - I have been know to reach for a banana or make like a mermaid in her class.

Maya is a conscious collaborator with a background in NGO work, meaning she brings a strong sense of inclusion, conscience and community to any project she works on. No stranger to retreats, she has run retreats in Shimoda by the seaside during Golden Week for several years and you can read more about these on her website, Mayamoves, linked below.

I adore Maya; she is a woman with an incredible story and incredible boundaries. A no nonsense person with a big heart, who will call me out and love me even when I am spilling out of my lycra. Never once has she made me feel anything but marvellous when she is pulling me this way and that, but neither does she let me get away with half-arsing anything. Maya is magnetic because of her deep uncompromising authenticity, confidence and commitment to her craft.

Malaya Ileto, a.k.a. Maya, is a Certified GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer (teacher trainer) and GYROTONIC® trainer (Pulley Tower, Archway) based in Tokyo. She conducts bilingual (Japanese & English) classes and courses at Studio Natural Flow, Under The Light Yoga School, Tleubaev Ballet School, De Parc Ballet School and Gold’s Gym Yoyogi Koen Premium…


Sarah Furuya

Sarah has been called the ‘person whisperer’ with a no-nonsense, no-bullshit attitude that may not be for everyone, but is a breath of fresh air. She has also been called part rock star, part priestess and part ginger Barbara Streisand. By her best friend.

She is one of Tokyo’s leading coaches and may be the coach behind your cup of coffee, car, lawyer, translator, finance director, web security, World Economic Forum rep, CSR initiative, travel advice, news source, phone app, think tank, climate initiative or recent workshop.

Sarah is passionate about coaching and self-inquiry. She is committed to storytelling and creating open and brave spaces into which people can tell their stories and take their next steps. And maybe even reconnect with long forgotten, humble truths of just how lovely we are at the centre of ourselves, beyond the social constructs that may hide the brightest parts of us. The techniques she has learned from her mentors and teachers are deeply rooted in science and psychology; she holds a BSc Hons in Human Psychology and Human Biology and is a trained ORSC™ Relationship Systems Coach™, and a certified psychometrics practitioner. Yet she has a hunch that something else is going on between all the science. A frisson of magic if you like. And why not believe in a bit of magic. With integrity. It’s fun!.

Fitting in is not on the agenda - but developing a deep sense of belonging along with kindness and good manners, is. She will often say “Your work is my work” - whatever journey you are on, she is on it with you. Coaching questions our values and beliefs in order to clear way for more joy, truth and love. Especially to yourself.


lindsey sawada

Lindsey is super friendly and approachable. She’s the kind of lady that can find humour in most situations and can laugh at herself when things don’t go so well. If you spot her around and about stop and say hi, she loves to chat to new people.

Lindsey returned to her love of dance and movement as Tokyo’s go-to Zumba teacher earlier in the 2000s, until she decided to take up yoga - an activity that takes anyone into old age. Especially knees! She specialises in ages 0-80 (her actual client roster) and all body types and gender identities. Everyone can feel welcome and like a rockstar with Lindsey in her studio.

Lindsey has truly woven herself into the fabric of her local community in Setagaya, where she has her light-filled yoga studio. Her stroke of genius was to set up a chalkboard outside her studio, so that when she is outdoors chalking up her latest classes, the local people who are walking past stop and chat with her. She is a conscious consumer in many many ways, a fun loving vegan who pops the champagne after every collaboration and who has some exciting projects coming over the horizon. Ahhhh I so want to drop a hint but I’m sworn to secrecy…Sign up to her mailing list to be the first to know about it!

Lindsey is a British woman who has been living in Tokyo for 22 years. she lives ( in no order of importance) with her Japanese husband, daughter, mother in law and fat cat Louis Brown. She speaks English and Japanese fluently and can just about remember high school French. Lindsey has a great passion for yoga and wellness, she loves being outdoors, and she tries her very best to follow a vegan lifestyle which isn’t always that easy in Japan…