yoURban Retreat
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yoURban Retreat

yoURban Retreat

Let us love you and look after you.

Lindsey, Sarah and Maya invite 6 lucky people to a one-day Urban Retreat in the Setagaya ward of the 23.

yoURban Retreat




A paradise in the city we have created this intimate, accessible retreat for a recharge, reset and to get into, energise and elevate your mind, body and spirit right in the heart of the 23 wards.

Interested? Email to hold a space - and secure your spot; we have 6 spaces and will open a waiting list once they are filled.

Read on to find out more…

Yogi, Coach, Mover

Yogi, Coach, Mover

A day just for you to stretch, move, meditate, rest, reflect and retreat.

We are creating a sacred opportunity to explore cycles and rhythms, love, transformation and prosperity through yoga, coaching and movement.

What a way to kick off the Autumn and ground into the ‘back to school’ feelings of September vibes, set ourselves up for the deliciousness of the cosy long nights that Autumn brings, create a pivot point for your mind through coaching and contemplating, then let it permeate into your body and being through movement, meditation, mind and yoga.

Spaces are strictly limited to 6 lucky retreaters - there are 4 spaces remaining and if you would like to claim one of them, please be quick - priority will be given to Lindsey and Maya’s clients and a waiting list is now open.

The retreat is open to anyone but will be held in English.

6 SPACES ONLY - SECURE YOUR SPACE BY EMAILING and let us know who your contact is - Lindsey, Maya or Sarah.

Three of Tokyo’s leading movement, mind and yoga specialists come together to create this unique blend of body, brain and spirit work to gently cradle you in the city, and take you on a hero’s journey. A Yogi, a Dancer & Movement Specialist, and a Coach guiding you through a day of silence, meditation and contemplation. Of conversation and relationship with yourself and others. Of yoga and movement and pounding the dirt. Of stretching and resting and sitting at the table together. IN REAL LIFE. Of conscious consumption, conscious relationships and conscious JOY. And these three wise women guarantee a belly laugh or two as well. A sense of humour is essential so we laugh loud and long. We’ll provide the tissues! And vegan food.


You a beginner? No problem, you work at your own pace. Lindsey will support and encourage you where you are. You a yogi? Lindsey will encourage you to take your practice where you want to AND experience the delights of other movement modalities and dance with Maya. Again at whichever level you are happy with. It should feel juicy and delicious. Fluid and stretching. Releasing and relieving. All of it! Seasoned coaching client? Let’s get into it. First time to be coached - Sarah will invite you to tell her the level of gentleness you require.

Seriously if you want to enter the room, pop on a face mask then lie in under blanket for the whole day, and just do the mind and spirit activity and listen to it all, then bring it on. We highly recommend you do this at home on the regular anyway.

We will hold the space and go at your pace.

We will hold the space and go at your pace.

This is your day to play as you like, guided by our love for what we do, our path to mastery and our love for connecting and sharing and sitting at the table with other people.

All shapes and sizes welcome and will be treated like the beautiful and handsome creatures that you are.


A week in Bali, a weekend in the mountains, a long weekend at the beach - we encourage ALL OF THESE THINGS - these beautiful gifts to ourselves. And we plan to offer them in the future.

And we want to bring this experience to you here in Tokyo

In the heart of this thrilling city



A train ride away. A short commute. A pack your day bag kind of experience and yet transported. We can retreat into the Urban Nature of Tokyo and the beautiful suburb of Setagaya where this day is all for you. Just for you. You surrender the city and the lists and serving and allow us to serve you. To take you and gently move you through all the senses. We serve you. That’s right - you sit back and let all the things come to you. We are so thrilled to serve you.

We will take you and take care of you and we will use every part of our body, mind and soul. Through the senses, through the spirit and through the body. Whether you are here for a self-care day or a deeply spiritual day, together we will take you through a programme of grounding, lifting, elevating, connecting and tasting. And one thing is for certain. We will be connecting. for application

¥30,000 for the day all inclusive lunch and refreshments and treats

(Are you currently a client of Maya, Sarah or Lindsey? You get a special discount! Let us know at inquiry!)

Your spot will be held until payment - we will let you know if we are going to extend it to the waiting list.

Upon application and payment we will send you all the information you need including telephone numbers incase of emergency, address, what to bring and any other detailed information about what to bring. If more than 6 people apply we will open a wait list.

Example list: your own water bottle, loose clothing for yoga and movement. Towel and handkerchief. Change of clothing (we love active wear as everyday wear - but if you get super glowy (sweaty) - especially if we dance (don’t be alarmed!) you might want to bring a change of clothes for the ride home), any essential oils you are in love with. We will provide lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Our full schedule will be provided in the week before but here’s an idea of what we will do:












(Everything is of course subject to change and evolution - NEWSFLASH - just like life).

More details here.

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Mega Clothing Swap (June 8 2019)
5:00 AM05:00

Mega Clothing Swap (June 8 2019)

“Waste is a resource in the wrong place”

Please note system for joining the clothes swaps has changed. You must book ticket via peatix and you can pay in advance (¥2000) or pay at the door (¥2500). Money raised will go to a charity annouced at a later date. Cancellations are fine but please note we will not be offering refunds but you can let us know and give your spot to a friend.

The link to sign up is here:

So let's get together, have a glass of wine or two and celebrate the seasons.

Charity for June swap will be TELL Japan- - Service dedicated to offering effective support and helping Japan's international community.


Happy to announce that Victoria Close of Biku Designs and Alex Morrow of Turquoise Port will be speakers at the June 2019 swap.

Victoria Close is a long-term resident of Japan who transitioned from working at an international School to founding the jewellery brand Bikudesigns while on maternity leave. Victoria’s brand repurposes vintage kimono into comfortable, one-of-a-kind accessories for a bold colour-pop.

Alex Morrow started her career in banking and transitioned through many countries and careers until landing in Japan just over 2 years ago. She is the founder of Turquoise Port, a curated homewares and accessories brand focusing on artisan-made objects. Together, Alex and Victoria developed Moonsoil, a partnership to teach business tools to small business owners in Tokyo.

At the end of the meeting there will be a raffle draw of two Y5000 Turquoise Port vouchers and three Y2000 Bikudesigns vouchers.

Get two drinks as part of the entry
up to 150 people
Official kid's corner
Men's clothing corner!
(We are still a women-only and lady-identifying event, but we've decided to open space for masculine wear.)

Join Sarah for the final swap at our regular location for a big beautiful Clothes swap

Where we bring the goods we no longer want or need, and take the goods we love.
Where we recycle and repurpose.
All Shapes and Sizes welcome! The more diversity the better the swapping!
BRING as much or as little as you want.
TAKE as much or as little as you want.
Bring nothing, take nothing, just join to have fun.
This is an adult event but if your kids absolutely must attend - bring them along.

Date: Saturday June 8th, 2019
Time: 14:00-17:00
Place: Roppongi rea
Registration starts at 13:30, Swap starts at 14:00

Cost per swapper: ¥2,000  when paying in advance, ¥2,500 when paying at the door.
(Covers takubin charges and wine to send the remaining clothes to a partner organization where they will be either resold or recycled)

We are carrying over the remainder of the last swap for drinks.
Bubbles and light nibbles included
We have clothes rails and full-length mirrors and will have tables set up to lay the clothes on.
You don't have to bring any clothes. Or take any clothes. All welcome with cover charge.

Sign up soon - this is proving to be a very popular event!

We will have a recycle BIN for your old and damaged clothes - that’s right - those yellow armpits, moth-eaten or bobbly clothes we can now deal with thanks to our new partner.
So go ahead and fill a bag named “Gomi” or "waste in the wrong place.”

Let’s see how much we can keep out of landfill.

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FEW Workshop: Upgrades, Upper Limits and Asking
10:00 AM10:00

FEW Workshop: Upgrades, Upper Limits and Asking

As a long time supporter and sponsor of FEW I will be running a workshop in June. More details below. Head to FEW website to register. Here is the write up below for the event.

Join this coaching workshop on upgrading your perceptions of yourself, overcoming your upper limits and navigating the world, which many times tries to bring you down. You will learn how to feel content with yourself and stay ambitious at the same time!

Sarah Furuya invites you to upgrade your mindset in this highly personal and interactive coaching session. Come with an idea of what you want to do and she will hold you responsible for taking that upgrade into real life – even if that means going over some Upper Limits, as Gay Hendricks calls “distruptions of the mental upgrading process”. Overcoming these limits will help you become the bigger and better version of yourself!

You will learn:

  • Upgrading your mindset and how to plan for your next leveling up

  • Upper Limits and different types of fear, how to identify them and not let them undo your upgrades

  • Other people’s Upper Limits around us – look out for subtle sabotage that you may receive as you upgrade – or might even be delivering to others

  • Jealousy and envy and how to read the real reason behind them

  • Holding the paradox – how to be grateful for everything you have, feeling that you are enough and being ambitious at the same time, asking for what you want or are worth – a skill that all great leaders have

Let’s get together and elevate ourselves and others, have some fun, and plan for some upgrades in our environments, thoughts, and in ourselves while being absolutely grateful for everything and everyone we have!

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Relationships by Design with Sarah Furuya
8:30 AM08:30

Relationships by Design with Sarah Furuya

We’re always in relationship with people around us. In groups, teams, and families–these relationship systems all have a life of their own, as well as the individuals in them. You can tap into the innate intelligence that your relationships have without even having the people involved be there. How? BY DESIGN.

When planning our lives and goals, we often forget that we’re part of a vast relationship system. We rarely take the time to plan our relationship systems by design. Hot spots occur, conflict arises and roles get confused. In this workshop we will go through a process of identifying and designing our most important relationships, discovering how we can draw on emotional and other forms of intelligence to imagine and envisage the best possible relationships with those we love and even those we don’t.

In this session, you will learn a simple and effective tool for tapping into the intelligence of your close relationships that will:

- Give you a tool to learn about the big picture image of your relationships and how they interact with each other
- Look at the connections in your relationships and imagine the highest possible outcomes for them
- Improve your relationships and learn some of the backbone of Relationship Systems Coaching™
- Experience a tool called a ‘Constellation’ to uncover your relationship potential

Cost: 3500 yen

When: Saturday May 11th 2019, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Sun & Moon Yoga in Gotanda

Workshop is in English, with some Japanese as needed.
Partnerwork and journalling can be done in your mother tongue.
Seating is floor seating unless chairs are requested.

To sign up for the event head to Sun and Moon Yoga or contact them here.

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Lumina Spark - Communication Preferences (One-day Workshop) (LUM101-SP)
1:00 AM01:00

Lumina Spark - Communication Preferences (One-day Workshop) (LUM101-SP)

Start From Where You Are: Know yourself and others' communication preferences and how you use your energy. Ever wondered why you get on with some people but not with others? Or why your friend loves working with numbers but it gives you a headache? Or why you want the detail, but your boss is always talking about vision? Why you get energy from other people, whereas your colleague likes to leave the event early? We all have preferences for communication, working and how we use our energy. In this workshop we will look at your preferences for communication and working styles and how you use your energy. It will be a deep dive into your personality styles and traits. We will also look at how to read others' preferences, how to work with your opposite and how to work with your mirrored self. To attend this workshop you will need to answer a 20-minute questionnaire ahead of the workshop, and you will receive a Lumina psychometric portrait which will be provided during the workshop and that we will work with during the workshop.

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Life Planning: Take Charge of Your Life Now! (One-day Workshop) (FPL101-SP)
1:00 AM01:00

Life Planning: Take Charge of Your Life Now! (One-day Workshop) (FPL101-SP)

Are you struggling in your efforts in deciding what you want to do with your life? Do you have interests and passions but seem to be going in different directions? Are you unsure about the first steps you should take to make changes in your life? If so, this workshop is for you! During this interactive session, participants will explore the essence of whom they are, what makes them, "tick", and how they see themselves. Through self exploration, sharing with class mates, and engaging in enlightening activities, participants will gain better clarity in who they are, what is most important to them in life, and how to move forward with creating a meaningful, satisfying future!

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Find Your Element: Mind Your Own Business!
10:30 AM10:30

Find Your Element: Mind Your Own Business!

Topic: “Mind Your Own Business”

Leader: Sarah Furuya ( Sarah Furuya Coaching CEO / ex-President of FEW / Find Your Element Chief Director)

Date:  Oct. 17th (Wed.), 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Tuition: 4,000yen

A beloved friend once told me that his favorite phrase from last year was “Mind Your Own Business”. I loved that. It created freedom, love and a more relaxed and powerful approach to life. Did it mean that he didn’t care for or want to see his fabulous, fun and dramatic friends anymore? No. Did it mean that he cut them off and stopped loving them? No. Did it mean that he stopped listening? No. He just didn’t get into their business. He created boundaries around how far he would get involved in other people’s business. Read more here.

You can sign up here.

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Few Workshop: Radical Boundaries
12:00 PM12:00

Few Workshop: Radical Boundaries

Every time we say yes to things we don’t really want to do or feel obliged to do, we are saying no to things that could be filling that time. We have been programmed to feel obligations where there are none. Imagine if people could actually handle life without us saying yes to everything. But we’re usually afraid that we will be ostracized or disliked or talked about if we say no to things.

Over the years, Sarah Furuya has faced this dilemma and developed some radical ways to create boundaries, stop people pleasing, and devote her attention to the things and people she really loves. That is at the heart of this special workshop. Sarah understands how hard it is to get out of these habits. To open physical space, to open space in your diary, or to open space in your thoughts for the things, people and experiences that you are truly devoted to.

But it is possible to say no to things, clearly, gracefully, respectfully and with good manners. It takes courage, practice, coaching, scripts, techniques and trust. And kindness. And compassion. And starting to say yes to the things you really want to say yes to.

In this workshop we will learn:

  • How to value yourself as much as you value others (this is humility)

  • How to identify people pleasing behaviors and how they are different to delighting your people

  • Some ready-made scripts for saying no clearly with kindness and grace and to push back on persuasion

  • How to use your body and your intuition to make decisions and identify words that come up when you are enlisting (obligation, resentment for example)

  • To go easy on ourselves and realize that sometimes we might say yes to some things that aren’t a ‘hell yes’ because it might be a good idea – but hey, let’s not make a habit of it

  • To enlist a trusted committee of friends or practitioners to help you say no more often and more elegantly

  • To identify what you could be opening time up for when you say no to the things you don’t really want to do

  • To play out the underlying fear behind not wanting to say no. There could be a really good, benevolent reason why you do’t want to say no. Or it could be a shadow of something that happened in the past, that no longer serves you

There was a write up from FEW here.

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