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Fabulous Life

We believe everything that happens today is an epic story for tomorrow. Using proven coaching techniques, we help you get past the crap in your life and on your way to your goals. Taking you from nonsense to truth-telling boss of you. All you have to do is connect for a consultation, we’ll determine your goals, and take steps to transform your life.

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What People Are Saying…

“Sarah’s style shows that knowing oneself – flaws and all – is both powerful and empowering. Sarah has an approach that allows me to re-evaluate my history honestly and not rely on my often told stories which have held me back.”

- Tracey, Co-founder of Enfour

“What I like very much about Sarah’s approach is what I would call the “no-bullshit-attitude”. Her coaching helps me to stay in the driver’s seat of my life. The sooner you start dealing with your doubts, the less time you will waste on pondering and finally feeling unhappy.”

- Heike, Founder of Beyond

“Sarah is perceptive about the way the world is pulling and pushing you at any point in time and provides on-point coaching guidance on how to navigate through the big and small waves.”

- Catherine, Lawpreneur


Our Promise

We promise to maintain a truthful, honest, trustworthy, brave environment to stimulate growth.

It is so easy for us to forget balance within ourselves. We firmly believe in taking care of three key areas when making decisions and confronting change.

Science, Psychology, “Supernatural”.

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