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We believe everything that happens today is an epic story for tomorrow. Using proven coaching techniques, we help you get past the crap in your life and on your way to your goals. Taking you from nonsense to truth-telling boss of you. All you have to do is connect for a consultation, we’ll determine your goals, and take steps to transform your life.

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“Everybody has stories and I want to hear yours.”


What People Are Saying…

Photo credit Antonio Gabola

Photo credit Antonio Gabola

Our Promise

We promise to maintain a truthful, honest, trustworthy, brave environment to stimulate growth. No bullshit, all heart and telling the truth. You direct the sessions and I bring my experience and tried and true techniques to the table to get you what you want.

You are bigger, brighter and better than you think.

As a trained ORSC™ Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach with a background in Human Psychology and Human Biology, and a certified practitioner in Lumina Spark™ and Saville Wave™ psychometric assessments, I have taken hundreds of people through transitions, promotions, life changes and brave, bold moves; celebrating, reflecting and building all the way.

I work across multiple cultures and workplace challenges, working with everyone from executives and C-suite players navigating the politics of huge global organisations to fresh entrepreneurs, new graduates, expat partners, academics and artists, taking them to greater success and self confidence. I am your partner to navigate and celebrate with.

It is so easy for us to forget balance within ourselves. I firmly believe in taking care of three key areas when making decisions and confronting change.

Science, Psychology, “Supernatural”.

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News about October Swap coming soon! To be first to the info; sign up for news on our mailing list below ↓