A Tribute to a Trailblazer, Pioneer and Incredible Business Person

There are some things that just aren’t right. Like watching an elderly man giving the tribute to his 55-year-old daughter in front of a room full of people he doesn’t know. It’s not right. So many flowers. So many people. So many tears stifled and flowing from the men and women. It’s just not right. But it was a lovely, tasteful and fitting tribute.

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Sarah Furuya
yoURban Retreat - YOU ARE INVITED


Let us love you and look after you.

Lindsey, Sarah and Maya invite 6 lucky people to a one-day Urban Retreat in the Setagaya ward. A paradise in the city, we have created this intimate, accessible retreat for a recharge, reset and to get into, energise and elevate your mind, body and spirit right in the heart of the 23 wards.


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