Legends Interviews; Joy, Family, Friends, Fun and Peace with Tracey Northcott

Please welcome the wonderful Tracey Northcott Legend Interview “Give it a go”.

“If you wait for things to be perfect, that ship sails…”

So many gems of wisdom in this wonderful interview, Part 1.

Divorce, devotion, Food science, sales and so many different phases in this fascinating life.

Please enjoy my lovely face on this screen shot.


Part 1

The Enfour business was on the up and up - so fantastic. The dawn of the iPhone created new opportunity and things were flying.


Disaster struck

Tracey tells us all about how she got through this incredibly difficult time, where the international tech press attacked and the trolls came out in force to personally attack Tracey. When she had just given birth.

She gives a pragmatic account of how she dealt with this incident.

Part 2

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