Membership to my most exclusive flagship year-long programme. FNJ is the programme that elevates you to the highest level of your business, writes your story; putting you, the hero, at the centre of it, creates breakthrough after breakthrough and has me, by your side throughout, along with a group of people all focussed on the same goal. Elevation. Truth. Action. And lots of laughs.


FNJ is a 12-month coaching programme. 1:1. You and me. Let’s reset the year, walk through the year together, and step over the threshold of the next year with a year of coaching work and inquiry driving you. It’ll be so sweet.

Imagine investing in yourself in january and the following year being clear, confident and motivated and STILL having another month of coaching support for your New Year Goals.

YES. Every time I have invested in the support and work I need to support myself and my business, I have experienced growth, joy and transformation. AND it was tough without. Last year I made  a huge investment in myself  to ‘sharpen the coaching saw’ and it was beyond worth it (and you will benefit from my knowledge this coming year). 

What To Expect

Make sustainable change and chart your progress along with me for the long-term win

Make action plans based on their deepest, truest desires and stories

Admit to shit that is going on in your head or life and turn it round or let it lie

Make practical and honest commitments to yourself and your business, friends or family based on what your really want

Reset the year (January needs a reset) and be taken over the threshold of next year and make realistic as well as dreamy and ambitious short, long and medium term plans and commitments

Ensure those plans are what you really want, what you can really do and are aligned with your truest most honest version of yourself right now

Work through difficulties, overwhelm (what’s that?!) and celebrate success #proudofyou

Take full responsibility and work through the relationships that maybe affected by your plans, goals and changes with kindness, compassion and even motivation

Get treats, gifts, surprises, priority on other Sarah Furuya Coaching programmes, workshops and retreats

Question and inquire about absolutely everything and have stylish fun doing it

Have fun, laugh, learn how to take yourself absolutely seriously (you are glorious and have much to offer no matter what your mean inner voices say) and not at all seriously (woops. WOOPS. So much Woops)


Registration is opens typically around January 1st

  • Early Bird registration closes January 25th

  • Regular registration closes January 31st

We kick off with first coaching sessions in February and I am strictly limiting the numbers. I am only opening 20 spots for this programme.

Payment plans available – Contact us for details or if you have any questions or requests. Or click here to book no obligation free discovery call with Sarah. This will get the ball rolling in the right direction!